Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Processor and Rhubarb

Courtesy of UPS, my food processor box arrived bashed and ripped open. I've never seen a delivery guy run so fast to get away after quietly slipping it on our front porch...

KitchenAid always packs their appliances very well, so even though the huge block of styrofoam was cracked through, the processor wasn't I put it right to work!

Apple breakfast cookies were the first thing I used it for - and wow. What would have taken me an hour (to shred, grind, etc) took me 10 mins tops...and that time includes dealing with the wining child clinging to my legs.

Next up was rhubarb dream bars (half white flour/half whole wheat) and rhubarb pie (with a palm shortening crust and sweetened with some honey) - after chopping the rhubarb and realizing I'd done all of it, I felt like running outside to find more things to chop! And you know that "cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs" line? I always dread that part...inevitably I would have 5 interruptions before me and my fork even started to get the mixture resembling peas, much less crumbs. I was super-pleased (and completely floored) when it literally took about 8 seconds and it was done. Done! I should have made a food processor a priority a long time ago! Live and learn...


  1. mmmm....mmmmm...looks good! So fun to use a tool that is so productive!

  2. Nice looking pie crust there Sarah! Mine always turns out kind of lumpy looking. Maybe it's the food processor? :)

  3. Actually, Heidi saved me with her no-fail pie crust recipe! I tried and tried with several different recipes to make pie crust til I gave up for a while, then Heidi brought some Chx Pot Pie to potluck and I asked her for her crust recipe figuring I'd try again...and it hasn't failed me yet! :-) I had some dough frozen, so that's what I used for this pie...I only got to "cut in the butter" for the rhubarb bars.