Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Natural Mothering

"Sometimes I wonder if there isn't even some sort of an obligation to do what is naturally best for our babies, even when it means more effort on our part and enduring a certain amount of criticism as we try to get away from cultural practices without dropping out of society."
- Sheila Kippley,
"Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: The Ecology of Natural Mothering"

When I was younger, there were things that were "the norm" for my family that were completely counter-cultural...but it was our normal, chosen by my parents.

Now I'm older and face making decisions on some of the same issues for our little family.
We are constructing our own form of normal that is fast taking shape as being counter-cultural as well...but this time around we are the "grownups"...taking the heat for our positions, accepting that others will disagree, but continuing to live our normal that we know is right for us...

I've been reading the book I quoted from above over the past few days and have been encouraged by much of its description of natural mothering. I've been lost in "caring for baby" duties the past 8 weeks, loving every minute (well, almost every minute), and pretty much just doing what comes naturally. By interacting with others around me, I see the different choices they have made for their families, and though it doesn't make me doubt our choices in the least, it is still a different "method," and finding support through words on a page can be encouraging.

Cultures change...
people mature...
the Lord edifies...

I rest in my Maker's loving kindness, knowing He is my sure and steadfast hope as I seek to show Chloe the love and care a mother can give - as a reflection of Christ's love in me.

Jn. 1:16 "And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."

Praise the Lord for the "grace upon grace" I have been given through Christ. Without Him I would be nothing!

(hmmm, now I have that hymn in my head :-).

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