Thursday, March 18, 2010

To market, to market...

Kroger has some exciting deals this week...I love stock-up trips!

Annie's Mac & Cheese is 0.49

With coupons from the manufacturer's website, these chips were $1 a bag!

I don't buy pasta made from enriched, white flour anymore - but these were free with coupons!

And the healthy harvest by Ronzoni was 0.25 a box/bag - can't beat that!

If we hadn't bought organic apples, sour cream (which was pretty cheap with a coupon, too...), mayo, soap for the garden (rabbits don't like soap I guess) and eggs, we would have walked away without paying much of anything!


  1. Sarah, that's great! I'd like some of that Annie's! I think it's wonderful that a)I'm not the only one doing this and b) you are able to find a lot of organic and healthy food on the cheap. Way to go...
    I also never responded when you left a comment that you don't buy things with HFCS. I grew up allergic to sugar and always considered foods with HFCS as my friend bc they didn't have sugar. Now I know it's not that healthy for you and there are a lot of other natural sweeteners out there... but still I'll lean more towards foods with HFCS than sugar.

  2. How did you get annies for that cheap? can I do that with the GF kind? Hy-vee has it but it's expensive!